Sunday, March 16, 2008

The View from our Back Window

This is the view from our back window. Our beautiful tulip tree is blooming, signaling the beginning of spring. Also, notice the peach tree growing on the bottom left. Cooper planted it two years ago from a peach pit. He is planning to share the peaches with all the neighbors this year. I think he is expecting quite a crop.


Molly said...

I have so many comments. First I hate you. I've always wanted to make Easter dresses for my girls, but lack the ability. That's a goal of mine this year. Learn to sew. I also have these ugly feelings for you at the moment because there is nothing remotely colorful in the landscape around me right now. Brown brown brown and patches of old snow. What would I give to look out my back window and see a tulip tree right about now?! And my last comment is that I can see you in Paris now. At first i thought she just looked like a feminine version of Austin, but you're in there! Cute!

Anonymous said...

I love her little Easter dress! Especially with that purple ribbon my favorite.
Isn't it funny how sometimes it feels like we don't get all the love from our little ones just the complaints. I remember hearing once that people are normally not as nice to their caregivers. It is because this is who they feel the most comfortable around and know that they can show them their good and bad sides. It makes me so happy to see pictures of Paris with your family. She is so blessed to have you guys as parents! Even if she ends up being spoiled a little.
I love that tree in your backyard. I was thinking about maybe planting an apple tree this year. Does that mean all I have to do is plant the seeds from an apple and it will grow like Cooper's peach tree?!

Bergen Blog said...

That is a great size peach tree already! Pretty cool

Jen said...

I still have snow in my backyard...I'm more than a little envious!