Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Really.... ?

Just wanted to record this fact in our McKeehan family archives. Cooper told me that "Moms know everything." We'll see if he still believes this in a couple of years. Or maybe he was just buttering me up . . .

All ready to play football!

Will dressed me all up to play football with him. Notice the weight lifting gloves and the long-sleeved shirt under the short -sleeved shirt - crucial items to my wardrobe.

this is how we roll

When we are very busy . . .

little baby gets a bath in the sink with the dirty dishes!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

And a Lovely Week Ends with a Trip to Urgent Care

Austin has been gone all this week and it has been ok. Usually I am tearing my hair out the first day, but I actually enjoyed the kids, even when I was so annoyed with their bratiness, I still loved them! Cooper and Will have been at each other's throats constantly lately. I don't know what to do about it. I keep trying to tell them that if one of them stops the cycle of meanness, everyone will be happier. Apparently they could care less about this wisdom.

Today on the lovely Sabbath, we were playing pool together at my parents' house and Will hit Cooper in the face and as Cooper tried to duck the blow, he rammed his eyebrow into the corner of the pool table. Cooper and I rushed to urgent care where he received one (kind of wussy if you ask me) stitch. He also let everyone at Urgent Care know that it is his "annoying 4-year-old brother, Will's fault." I don't know if this will be a wake-up call or not, we'll see.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Once a Week Whether You Peed the Bed or Not

This morning I stripped the sheets from my bed to wash them. Will saw my naked bed and he said, "Your sheets are all gone mom! Did you pee the bed?"

Saturday, February 16, 2008

R.I.P. Yellow Football Pants

So the yellow football pants that Will wears everyday (if you know Will, you know what I'm talking about) are now gone. I threatened him the other day that if he hit his sister again I would give the pants to Goodwill. Will looked right at me and hit her again! So I had to follow through. There were tears, wailing, knashing of teeth, hitting of his mom. And finally the tantrum ended in sad whimpers, "Those were my favorite pants. . . I was so excited about those pants." This was really hard for me as a mom, I was crying too, but I hope he learned a lesson that he can't hit his sister and that his mom isn't a doormat.

Sidenote: He now just wears baseball pants rolled up to his knee for his daily football pant fix.

Paris getting in on the knitting action


When Austin is out of town, Cooper and Will always want to sleep with me, but last week I just couldn't handle it - I needed them to go to bed in their own bed and have my own space. So they decided to make little beds on the landing so they could at least watch tv with me. I thought it was pretty cute when I saw them up there.

Paris hasn't been wanting to eat much food lately. Maybe it is because I have been letting her have a few more treats. I gave her a tiny piece of peppermint patty yesterday and then she snatched the whole thing out of my hand and shoved it in her mouth. She did the same thing with a girl scout cookie. Can you blame the girl?

Monday, February 11, 2008

Flower Baby

I really enjoy making hair bows and headbands for Paris. Recently Jolin showed me a website that made headbands with HUGE flowers on their head. I loved it so tried making one for Paris. The flower is about as big as her head but I think it is so cute!


Will is obssessed with watching all the different sports movies - Miracle, Rudy, The Rookie, etc. When he watches these, he has to wear all the gear for that particular sport. Today he chose to watch Rudy (he starts the movie at the part where Rudy finally gets his acceptance letter and goes from there. Anyway, when the football team started to do their warmups, Will was right there with them stretching and getting ready. Unfortunately this picture was too late to capture his stretching stance.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tagged - I think this is what I do.

I'm fairly new to blogging but just got tagged by Tricia - I think this is what I do ...


Jobs I've Had:
*Media Relations Manager
*Assistant to the Richard Paul Evans Chairship holder, Dr. David Paulsen
*Intern for a Political public relations firm in Portland, OR - when I was there I worked on the campaign NOT to legalize marijuana in Oregon - we lost

Movies I Can Watch Over & Over Again:
*Center Stage
*What A Girl Wants
*The BBC version of Pride & Prejudice
*The Sound of Music

Favorite TV Shows:
*The Biggest Loser
*Grey's Anatomy

Favorite Hobbies:
*Making hair bows
*Shopping - typical, right? But it really helps me feel happier when I am sad or stressed or just feel like it, or bored . . .
*Thinking of someday playing hockey or learning stick fighting to get out my aggression
*Pretending that I'm a rock star

Places I Have Lived:
*North Carolina

Favorite Foods:
*Milk chocolate with carmel
*Really good salads
*CAKE AND DONUTS!! I need to start "forgetting" to eat these more often

Favorite Getaways:
*The library by myself
*Dublin, Spain and Paris
*Anywhere with no kids where I can sleep for 36 hours and read and eat tons of candy without gaining weight!

Check Daily:
*Google to search for any number of things including ribbon, hair clips, jeans, shoes, hockey gear for Will, books I like, etc.

Who I'm Tagging: YOU'RE IT!!
Anyone who feels like it

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Pulling Up

Paris just starting pulling herself up on the couch yesterday. She was wearing just a onesie so her little chubby legs were adorable! She was also excited to try teething on the ottoman.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Beautiful Tuesday in Winter in NC

Today was a fabulous day so we spent the afternoon at the park. It was so much fun . . . Paris rode in a swing and ate bark chips for her first time and the boys loved running around and playing football with their friend Tyler Barlow - only hitting two groups of moms in the process. After we played at the park, we wandered down a trail in the woods in back of the playground and found a football field! It was such a precious moment with the kids on the hike, Will kept asking Cooper to slow down for me so I wouldn't get lost. I was walking the trail with the extra weight of Paris on my shoulders pulling my hair and trying to eat my ear. It was a great day!

Will's Greatest Outfits Ever

By request from Heather . . .

More Greatest Outfits . . .

Monday, February 4, 2008

Will's outfit for school today

This is what Will wanted to wear to school today. The bike helmet and scuba goggles were a necessary part of the outfit, but we luckily pried them off before I dropped him off to school.

Cooper has no front teeth!

A few days ago Cooper came home from school with his other front tooth out. He said that he pulled it out himself. I could just imagine him at school with a circle of kids around him saying, "Cooper! Cooper! Cooper!" and him feeling so cool as he yanked it out.