Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Raffle

Cooper is playing Mara baseball this year and they asked all the players to sell 20 raffle tickets to raise money for the organization. Cooper got these tickets just last night and really took the raffle to heart. He came home after school today, got out an old yogurt container with a hole cut in the top and hopped on his bike. In the pouring rain. I was a little distracted when he left and thought he was just going to the neighbor's nearby and my mom's house. Almost two hours later I was getting a little worried and started driving the neighborhood. Finally I found him, with only three tickets left! We came home and he immediately knocked on our neighbors' doors and sold the rest of his tickets. It probably didn't hurt his chances that it was pouring rain and this little innocent boy is going around selling tickets.
I was very impressed by his hard work and determination. Only later I realized that this might not have been the smartest move when Austin asked me why I would let a 6-year-old roam the neighborhood with a container full of cash. I'm not sure.

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Tiffany Washburn said...

that's ok Shanda...I remember my mom letting me do the same thing(go door-to-door selling cookies, collecting money, byself in the rain). So, i am sure Austin did as well!