Sunday, August 19, 2012

Happiness is a huge unhealthy feast at Cook-out!

Happy Birthday Willy!

Kids Against Hunger

We had a great opportunity yesterday to do some service as a family. Kids Against Hunger is an organization that is dedicated to reducing hunger in the US and abroad. We worked for two hours to package meals that are highly nutritious. Each person that works for two hours packs enough food to feed a child for a year.

What I really loved about this was that every person in our family, even Paris, could help. We worked in teams assembly line style to pack rice, soy, veggies and seasonings into 6 serving pouches that we then sealed and put in shipping boxes. The kids can also color the shipping boxes which will become walls for their homes, the wood from the pallets become parts of buildings.

They have packing events around Charlotte that anyone can sign up for and attend. The website is I know we will definitely help again.