Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I've been waiting for whole life for a little baby girl who would do this. Who would also love it when I make necklaces and rings for her and then wear them on her chubby fingers. Who would pronounce the word "wolf" as "woof" as in The Boy Who Cried Woof. Who would enthusiastically clap and sing and listen at reading time. Who tells me to chew my food before talking to her. Who asked Heavenly Father to help us in this cold "feather" in her prayers. Who will sit for hours with an open book reading loudly to herself. Who loves to go shopping and say, "Ohhh, Cute" when I show her something. Who always tells me I look pretty after I get dressed even if it is sweats to go running. Who wants to snuggle face to face with her little arms wrapped tight around my neck.

Love you Paris! Thank you for making me smile!