Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Fleeting Moment of Glory

So I never really was that good of a basketball player. Church ball was the height of my basketball prowess, but at the age of 34, it keeps me exercising and I enjoy it. So anyway, my buddies & I recently joined a city league thinking it would make the church league seem like a walk in the park. We are currently 0-8 in the city league, our team name is Fat & Slow, and last week we got alley-oop dunked on three times in our game.

However, tonight was a magical night (Yes, I am about to brag about myself here). I had my best game in about 3 years going a perfect 7 -7 from the field (2 - 2 from 3 point land) and 1 - 1 from the free throw line. I think my season average is about 4 points a game. I played way over my head. I was feeling good. I brought my kids to the game.

We got in the car. I was waiting for the praise to come.

Instead Will had just one question.

"Dad, how do you get your hair like that?" Will asked.
"Like what?" I answered.
"You know, with that spot in the back, where you don't have any hair."

I had officially been knocked off my cloud. Defensively I answered,
"I decided to have kids and started stressing out over how I was going to provide for them."

Cooper then decided to join the conversation.

"I doubt that, I mean seriously. Stress can not cause your hair to fall out Dad."

"Go Google it, kid," I responded, but the damage had been done and the magical night forgotten and instead I was reminded of my balding head instead of my game.

Monday, July 13, 2009

You know your life is awesome (or seriously lame) when . . .

1. Your husband tells you to go ahead and buy the carpet steam cleaner on sale at Costco and you are super excited like it is Christmas morning.

2. Your daughter yells out during sacrament meeting - "No Daddy, No boobies!" several times, after recently learning who has boobies and who doesn't.

3. Your 8-year-old tells his friend that there won't be any more kids born in his family because "my dad got some stitches in his balls."