Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cute little words

By the way, Paris has recently been saying lots of names, especially her brothers and her own.  They sound like this:

Dad - Dee - addy
Mom - Momay - with a bit of a british accent picked up from Will
Paris - Pabis
Will - Weely
Cooper - Puta - isn't this a swear word in Spanish or something? 

Those Silly Boys

Tonight the boys really pulled out some hilarious ones - 
First, Will and Cooper love going on Youtube and looking up classy things like "poop jokes" that feature lego characters doing, you guessed it, pooping. It's a hilarious time for them.  So tonight Will, Austin and I spent some quality time looking at Will's favorite poop joke before bed.  Then we looked up Susan Boyle on Youtube (the 47 year old woman with the amazing voice on Britain's Got Talent).

We all enjoyed Susan Boyle's performance and Will commented incredulously, "Wow, I can't believe this is on poop jokes!"  

That's the new name for Youtube if you didn't know.  As I'm writing this, it just doesn't seem as funny as it was in person, but trust me, it was.

Cooper has become a master manipulator lately.  Cuddling up to you at bedtime saying, "I just don't think we've spent enough time together lately." Or some such other comment designed to make you feel warm and snuggly but most of all, to let him stay up later.

So tonight Austin told the boys to get in their rooms to go to bed and he would be up in a minute to tuck them in.  He opened the door to Cooper's room to see Cooper shoving a cookie in his mouth with crumbs all over his face and three cookies in his other hand.  As soon as the door opened, Cooper said," Hi Dad! Want a cookie? I just got some extra ones just in case you or Will wanted one!"  Always the thoughtful one, refreshments on hand, just in case someone should stop by.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Truth Shall Set You Free

Will: "Dad, I love you so much because you do not read the newspaper everyday, all day like those other dads." Will gives Dad a big hug.

Dad: "Thanks - Will" Mom and Dad chuckle.

Will: "Annnnndddddd, mostly because you go to work." 

Good to know I am loved because I leave. Classic.