Friday, March 14, 2008


I used to religiously write in my journal daily, but I haven't quite figured it out in the blogging world. It's easy to type all my feelings, but who really wants to hear them? Blogging is different because people are reading your thoughts so there is a bit of me that feels like I need to always have something funny or cute to read. And my life isn't always funny or cute. Today is one of those days.

We had a hectic afternoon. Paris is getting 50 teeth at once - she is almost one and has only had 2 teeth for months. We took a trip to the library to get some books and movies. Paris was pulling herself up on one of the kid-size chairs and the chair tipped over on her, and it went downhill from there. Basically she cried loudly the whole time we were at the library. By the time we got home, I was feeling in need of relaxation. I decided that we would put in a movie and eat popcorn and brownies for dinner. Cooper told me we needed to have something healthy. The brownies were great until I had eaten almost half the pan myself. I then decided to leave the kids with Austin and go to the YMCA to undo a little of the damage. Running three miles on a stomach full of brownies is NOT GREAT. After mile two, I felt like dying. The last mile was rough. I have never felt so much like puking at the gym in my life.

When I got home Will was so sweet to me, saying Mom we ate pizza and saved you a piece. He tried to give it to me, but I just couldn't even look at it. He then brought me my watch I had taken off and said, Mom don't forget your watch, you should take it to the gym. His little kind gestures just made me think how grateful I am for the kids. No matter how crabby I have been to them, when I get home they excitedly say, "Mom! You're home!" You can't beat the enthusiasm of kids and how they make you feel loved. You can't put a price on Paris' sweet little smiles and snorts or Cooper asking where the tunnel is that babies come out of. You can't put a price on Will telling you that the medical office at the YMCA is where mommies go to have babies (don't worry if you go into labor at the Y).


Bergen Blog said...

I used to be an avid journaler too, but haven't in so long. Yet I don't want to write down all my crazy thoughts or people might stop being my friend!

Tiffany Washburn said...

HA! Seth is the one who told me when i started blogging that i sounded like a very angry person!! :)..that i was supposed to write more "funny" stories. So i know exactly what you are saying! i do try to note those ones, but sometimes venting is the best therapy out there!