Thursday, September 9, 2010

Oregon Trip 2010

We just flew in this morning from a lovely trip to Oregon. And yes, I mean this morning, it was a red-eye flight that could have been a nightmare, but luckily the kids mostly slept, we got in almost an hour early and everyone came home and went back to bed until 1 p.m. By the way, we got some beautiful pictures there but surprise, surprise, Will dropped our camera while we were there and it seems to be having some serious problems so I'm not sure we will ever be posting pictures again.

Highlights from our trip:

  • Hugs and snuggles with Nana 
  • Lots of playtime with Destiny and her beloved dog Colton
  • Some adult-alone time for Shanda and Austin at Manzanita
  • Seeing Grandma Betty for the first time in awhile - she is happy and looking better than last time. 
  • Visiting the Tillamook Cheese Factory
  • Running miles through breathtakingly beautiful hills and trees
  • Spending time with Uncle Sean, Aunt Candace, Megan, Porter and Jack
  • Paris singing songs to Colton the dog
  • The adorable friendship between Paris and Jack
  • Visiting Grandma Nina, 98 years old and still as beautiful and spunky as ever
  • Riding the Max into downtown Portland and stumbling upon the Lego Games Summer Tour that we forgot we meant to go to.
  • Beating another family in a tournament at the Lego Games Tour and winning a new Lego game!
  • Will giving hugs to Poppy every time he saw him
  • Trampoline time with cousins and Destiny
  • A night out for the girls at Nordstrom, Elephant Thai and REI
  • Uncle Sean, Uncle Austin and Poppy giving everyone back-to-school father's blessings
  • An Un-Birthday party with Nana at Out of this World - a fun inflatable playground
  • A trip to the Portland Zoo with Nana and Aunt Candace
  • A delicious lunch at Bandito Taco, Austin's first place of employment when he was 15. Always fun to visit Ahmed, the owner, who is charming and kind
  • Hiking in the woods at the Audobon Society, looking for newts in the water and seeing owls and vultures up close
Also, there was a powerful lesson on journaling and personal history at church on Sunday and now I am committed to blogging and keeping this up even if we don't have pictures and nothing interesting to say. 

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Natalie said...

Sounds like an awesome trip! And I am looking forward to the "more blogging" part. :) I need to recommit too.