Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mara Colts Season Opener

Today was the first football game of the season for Cooper and Will. They played Southeast Charlotte and beat them with a score of 19-0.  Both boys played great and tried hard. My favorite part of the game is when a kid told his mom, "Did you see when I pushed that guy down?" And the mom said, "Yeah, that's awesome!" Can you imagine this conversation happening if he had a friend over or was at the park.  Encouraging violence is acceptable at the field.  I got some cute shots of Paris on the sidelines a few of Will and only one of Cooper - he was in the field pretty much the whole game so it was harder to catch him with my non-huge lens camera that all the other moms were using.
She looks like a teenager already!

Just in case Will wants to become a male model; agents could be lurking. Austin is going to love this picture.

Will ready to go!

Paris loved this picture of herself.

Cooper on a quick field water break. I don't know if they do this in the pros!

Paris all set for the big Mara Colts opener game ( and then she is set for the UM vx. Notre Dame game later!)


Tiffany W. said...

Look at you! you are a blogging maniac all of a sudden! I love it! :) Paris is getting so big and so beautiful! And that picture of Will, the male model, was awesome!! :) Love you all!

Carly said...

Shanda - Oh my goodness! Paris is SO adorable!!! Both of those pictures are so cute. And Will's pose almost puts Shaela's to shame! We LOVE football too! Gavin is loving playing tackle this season and Shaela's famous phrase is "football is family". I'm finally updating my blog too. Hope you guys are doing great!!

Jessica said...

Paris is a SUPERMODEL in that first pic! Oh my gosh!!! She is stunning.

Natalie said...

You definitely have the cutest cheerleader on the field! Oh my, her face! She DOES look like a teenager already! Those boys look thrilled all suited up in their pads. Looking forward to all the football war stories to come!