Friday, September 10, 2010

Fun times around town . . .

We decided to take the kids to downtown Portland one day and on a whim we jumped on the Max. The kids really liked it. Paris even tried to swing around the pole that we were holding on to.  Always good people watching on the Max! And downtown. Definitely not in Charlotte anymore. If it wouldn't have been rude we could have taken lots of interesting pictures.  When we jumped off the Max we were excited to see the Lego Summer 2010 tour. Perfect!
Silly Nuts in the back of the car.

I've always liked this sign in Pioneer Courthouse Square. You can get anywhere from here!
This is a really cool minotaur made completely from legos. If you guessed the correct number of legos, you can win a prize. I think we guessed somewhere around 500,000.
Paris loves these seals that live in the fountains in downtown Portland.
Nothing beats free Jarritos at Bandito Taco.

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