Friday, September 10, 2010

Audobon Society with Uncle Sean and Aunt Candace

We decided to have a picnic and hike the trails at the Audobon Society in Portland. Aunt Candace and Uncle Sean took us and all was fun and games until Will dropped the camera and gave it a permanent "lens error."
Hard at work searching for cool stuff.
Paris found special things too in her little basket. I think they were algae leaves that we told Destiny she had to eat as she has recently become a vegetarian.
Megan, Aunt Candace, Destiny, Paris, Uncle Sean, Porter and Cooper. Cooper looks so old to me in this picture!
A big slug Will found. There are tons of these all over the place. We wanted to bring it back home to show Will's class but thought it might dry up.
Destiny, Megan and Porter searching for newts in the very dry stream.
Paris' new little buddy and cousin Jack. Just this morning she looked at the picture and said, "oh there's Jack, he's so cute" in a cooing voice.
A really neat owl we saw. She was actually recused by some humans when she was a baby and they took her in. She imprinted (a real word that the volunteer used) on the humans and now can't care for herself in the wild so she has lived at the society for several years and will the rest of her life.

I am loving the beautiful greenery of Portland and couldnt' resist snapping these huge ferns. And it's this green year round!

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Natalie said...

So beautiful in Oregon! I love how it's always green too.