Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Final Hurrah

Cooper's team had played so good up to this point I think I started to forget that they were 9. I started expecting them to make every play, get every clutch hit, always make the right decision and walk away victorious. I was ready to chronicle this into a movie that would battle the likes of Hoosiers, Rudy, Miracle on Ice, and The Natural.

Cooper's team battled fiercely against a stacked Florida team.  They did not give it away, but they did make a couple of mistakes. We had opportunities to win, but Florida had some great pitching and our bats never really got going. Florida won 6-4. We bounced back with wins against Tennessee and Virginia, before losing to South Carolina and being eliminated from the tournament. But after winning the area and state championships and finishing in the top 10 out of about 600 little league teams in the South East Region, it was tough not to be pretty proud for the boys.

Highlights of the Trip:

  • Buying a printed program with my son's picture and name in it and having him autograph it for me.
  • Watching my son pitch in the South East Regional and have guys with radar guns behind the dug out (he only throws between 48 - 50 MPH, which is good but not exceptional speed for a 9 year old incidentally) but it was still a rush. 
  • Pool Parties -- until the Baby Ruth in the pool incident (it wasn't our kid)
  • Painting our car with the team before we left
  • Having the whole family together 
Football starts next week -- Both Will and Cooper are playing. Only in the South can your 6 year old sign up for full on tackle football!


Ariana said...

I think there's tackle football here for 1st graders...yikes! :)

Sean and Candace said...

Congrats to Cooper! Also now the boys are going to play tackle football?! Awesome! Porter is going to play flag football - no tackle in oregon until 3rd grade.