Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tailgate Kick-off Mara Pop Warner Football!

Will, the youngest and possibly smallest guy on the team but plays with lots of heart.

Big Coop ready for the weigh-in and scrimmage

Two Mckeehan boys ready to play

Today was the big MARA tailgate scrimmage or opening day of the Mara Colts football team.  The boys played hard.  Cooper started middle linebacker with four sacks and a few catches, but unfortunately ending up with a cleat to the hand when tackling.  Will played hard as the smallest right guard on offense and defense. Can you tell this is Shanda writing, no exciting play by plays here, just trying to get stuff up on the blog.


Tiffany W. said...

love the pics! Connor is playing football too and I know nothing about it! I watch the game and cannot even tell what he does or doesn't do. they all look the same in that gear and just seem just do dog pile after dog pile. :) Love those boys... give them a kiss from me!

Heather said...

Such cute little tushies! :) Thanks for posting!

Natalie said...

Sweet! Nice to have their names on the jersey, all official. Austin must be so proud!

I'm assuming the weigh-in went well for Coop?