Thursday, July 15, 2010

9U North Carolina State Champs

And then there was 1.

12 teams qualified for the State Championship. Cooper's team started off horribly going down 14 - 1 in their first game, where just about every player on the team had an error and we looked like the bad news bears in the first 3 innings. They actually came back to tie that game but it was too little too late and they started the state championship tournament with a loss.

But then the proverbial GONG went off. "What? Daniel Larusa is gonna fight?"

From that point forward, they went on an absolute tear outscoring their opponents 75 - 13 over the next 5 games in route to the NC State Championship.

While I was vomiting of anxiety along the fence line, Cooper pitched the final 3 innings in both the semifinal and state championship games (they play 6 inning games and you by rule you can't pitch more than 6 innings over 2 consecutive games).

The other team's fans were literally pulling fog horns, ringing cow bells and blowing those world cup horns while my son was pitching. When I looked over and saw him still blowing bubbles with his gum mid- pitch, I knew we were ok or atleast not falling apart in the moment. His team played amazing D behind him and they won the State Championship and advanced to the South East Regionals in Virginia.



Sean and Candace said...

This top picture is awesome! It should be enlarged and on my wall at the office! Great job Coop - you are such a baseball stud!!

Uncle Sean

Sean and Candace said...

Way to go Coop - you are the Man! I love this top picture of you - I want one blown up and in my office!

Love Uncle Sean