Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We Need your Help, suggestions and votes

My sweet, vivacious wife reads about 5 books a week or something crazy like that. She has another blog where she writes reviews of all these books she reads (In comparison, I have read about 3 books in the last year, but about 1,500 - 2,000 sports related articles).

But anyway, her blog is called "Book Thoughts."

So I came home one night and made a less sensitive crack about the blog name. I mean "Book Thoughts" -- I guess that is what it is, thoughts about books, but what a boring name. This coming from my wife who has the email Stitchdiva, who is known for her style, is called a cool hipster by my colleagues at work, and just oozes with spunk and personality.

"Book Thoughts? That seems kind of unoriginal," I say.

Well it turns out it was not a good time or day to say this. This led hurt feelings which led to her changing her blog name which was "inadvertently stolen" from another book blog, which she later posted an apology for on her blog.

So let's get Shanda a name that marries her love of books with her spunky, fun personality. Book Thoughts -- That will just not do.

If you have any ideas -- please post a comment or tell me. I have listed a few ideas and if you like any of the ones I have listed, feel free to comment, but I know nothing about books or blogs, but here goes.

Sassy Synopses -- (Showing her sassy but educated side)
Book Banter -- (Showing her liveliness and spunk)
Bad Ass Book Reviews -- (Just sounds cool and she is a bad-ass)
Babes, Boobs and Books -- (Well at least books, but now that I have your attention...)
StitchDiva Diaries -- Book Reviews of a stay at home Mom
For the love of the Library -- (showing her love of the library and books)
Bedtime Stories -- (She always reads to put herself to sleep, but could be misinterpreted...)
3 men and a Baby and me -- What I do when my family actually leaves me alone
Raw Reads -- Sassy, Spunky, straight from the heart book reviews

Thats all I got -- Post your thoughts, ideas, etc. -- Not for me, but for Shanda.

Book Thoughts -- It is just a tragedy.


Jenn-Lee said...

My favorite is Stitch Diva Diaries. Love that.It is so her too. My second Favorite would be Sassy Synopses.

Had no idea she had this blog but sounds like it would be great to check out for good book ideas.

What a frustration though- trying to name a blog can be difficult.

Best wishes. Let us know what you decide. :)

Colby and Krin Warr said...

I like Stitch Diva Diaries, maybe Stitch Diva Reviews, Literary Style, Stylish Reads or Volumes Reviewed with Style... I'd love to look over her reviews for new book ideas.

Will and Sandy said...

I am also a big fan of Stitch Diva Diaries. It is really hard coming up with names or titles for things. Good Luck!

Erin said...

Guenter misses you two!!! I love this post- too cute! So I vote for "Book Banter" or "Bad Ass Book Review." Shanda is truly amazing- where does she find time to get it all done- sewing, cooking, crocheting, and the reading! She truly is amazing- one of those people that make you realize that you need to develop more talents! She is one of my heros! Go give her a big squeeze for me since I can't! I just thought of one, "The Stitch Diva's Two Cents." A little wordy and not as original, I just thought I should contribute!

Tiffany W. said...

I like Book Banter... you big jerk Austin!!! ;)