Sunday, September 13, 2009


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Many of you have probably seen the show Supernanny and have opinions about it. i personally like it, plus my mom is always saying," Did you see that episode last week?" Probably trying to tell me something right? That's OK, I can admit when I need help with the kids. So this last weekend I watched a few episodes while the kids were napping and inevitably the episode included getting the kids to go to sleep by themselves.

So I have gotten into a bit of a bad habit of snuggling Paris until she falls asleep or else she will scream and cry. So tonight is the night I decided we are getting done with that. We are currently nearly an hour into the put-them-back-in-their-bed-without-looking-at-them-or-talking-to-them-plan and I am heartily sick of it. I don't really see an end in sight but am determined to follow through with this so we don't have to do it again.

But to kill time between Paris getting out of bed and putting her back in again, I thought I would record some of her responses.

When we first started:

Lots of screaming and crying and shouts of "I want you Mommy!" "Please sweep with me Mommy!" "I need you Mommy!" and other such delights.

Now we have moved into the more quiet stage where she says (in a stern voice) "I don't want to Mommy!" "You're mean Mommy!"

Also, she noticed Cooper is downstairs and said,"That is my brother, I love my brother mommy!"

Now coming out and just saying, "Can I come downstairs mommy? Is that Ok?" in a sweet little voice. I never knew Paris knew all these manipulation techniques already!

She is out again, gotta go for round 157.


Heather said...

Good for you. At least you're able to do it without a TV crew following you around every second!

Good think she's so cute despite #157--you'll probably keep her anyway!

Seth said...

ha! You will have to post if it actaully worked! But i am not sure I could have resisted sweet Paris... that would be hard! :) (this is TIff)