Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Anchor

I've been wanting to take a bible study class for some years now. This year I finally found one at one of the local churches and decided to take the plunge. Today was my first day, we are studying Psalms. The focus is going to be improving our prayers, instead of just saying the same rote words every time. The leader talked about how selfish our prayers have become, we don't seem to try so hard to develop a relationship with God so much as just rattle off a list of demands. We are going to learn why we pray, who we are praying to, and how to pray more effectively.

I was inspired by this teacher who is not a member of my church, but is teaching things that are helpful to me and in fact timely. I have been trying to work on more thoughtful prayers lately and feel grateful that I have this chance to learn more about prayer from the Bible.

Though it is a little weird to me in a way. Somehow part of me wonders is this o.k? To learn these truths from a different church than mine? It's a little tiny bit uncomfortable but I also like it. I like the people I have met there and everyone has welcomed me in, even knowing that I am a Mormon. I think it will be a good thing.


Ariana said...

There is plenty of truth out there...and I think getting it from a different perspective can be kinda cool sometimes! :) Especially with something like prayer, where we do it so often, and get so used to being in a certain mindset to do it. A little new perspective can be a great thing. :)

Tiffany W. said...

I think it is great! And I think you will be a good example to those around you of what a "Mormon" is and that you do study and read the Bible along side of the BOM. Awesome!

Jenn-Lee said...

What a great opportunity. I love that our church accepts all truth wherever it may be found. I hope this class continues to be such a great help to you. You will also in turn be able to share with others in the Christian community how you being LDS and them Chirstians are more alike then are different in beliefs. Thanks for sharing.

Dave Fuhriman said...

I love it. Why only let the LDS hear the Wisdom of Shanda? That's just plain selfish. You can't hide that under a bushel... And you can always pull out the Johnny Cash movie quotes - Johnny builds bridges, my friend. Miss you guys!