Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Reasonable Question

Will:  Dad, if you cut your head off, can you tape it back on?

Dad:  No, you can't.

Will adores tape, he uses it on a daily basis to construct swords with sticks, make art projects or tape those pesky pieces of clothing back on that aren't laying just right.  One of his Christmas presents was a workbox full of tape of all sorts.


Dave Fuhriman said...

That is great. I remember really loving tape myself. Once I decided I needed a dressing room in my bedroom, and of course it needed a door. I used 467,000 pieces of tape to attach a huge door-shaped mass of construction paper to my bedpost and wah-la! Instant dressing room. Thanks to tape.

Jolin said...

What a cute and thoughtful mom you are to get him a box full of tape for Christmas!

Dave Fuhriman said...

Just to clarify -- the above comment is from Jessica. I woke up this morning and my email told me I had commented on your blog about using tape to make a dressing room... not true!

Miss you guys


Jessica said...

I realized I posted this under Dave's name. It was me who made the dressing room, not Dave. He'll be happy I made the distinction.

Erickson Family said...

I truly think that Sam and Will were meant to be blood brothers. Sam too got tape for Christmas and I have about 1000000000 "rockets" made from anything in the recycle box and tape. Here is to tape and 4/5 year old boys, CHEERS

Sarah McBride said...

surely duct tap can fix anything...even severed heads.
Will is cute, and it was a completely reasonable question.