Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cooper's Birthday Marathon

Today is Cooper's 8th birthday, but it feels like it has been his birthday all week! I had a birthday party yesterday for him with his friends - the first party for him in years - I get really overwhelmed and nervous planning parties for the kids' birthdays because so many of their friends at school go all out for the parties.  We had a fun outdoor Olympic themed party planned but that got tossed when it was the monsoon rain season this week.  So we improvised with a baseball theme, baseball bingo which was fun, and making leather baseball wristbands which didn't work out so well. It's annoying because I spent so much time shopping for the darn stuff to make the wristbands, oh well.  So they mostly ended up playing wrestling mania upstairs and came down for cake and pizza covered in sweat! 

Then tonight we had family over for cake again to celebrate Cooper's birthday and my sister Shawn's birthday which is tomorrow.  My favorite quote of the evening was when Cooper opened his presents from Austin and said, "Oh cool! I got a cup!" Nice, and it isn't the pee-wee cup either this time by the way.  We get excited about these items at our house I guess.  He also got several lego sets and has spent lots of time putting them together. I am so excited about him using his brain for once instead of just playing the Wii or watching TV.  

I can't believe my baby is finally 8 and will be baptized in a couple of weeks.  

Love you Cooper! 


Audrey said...

Happy birthday Cooper!!! Can't believe he's 8! What an exciting year to be.

Carrie said...

You know the kids are going to remember the wrestling mania way longer than any fancy birthday party. Happy Birthday Cooper!

Sean and Candace said...

Happy Birthday Coop! It looks like it was a fun birthday party to me. Too bad it rained! We miss you guys!