Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Grandma McKeehan Rocks -- 96 and still golfing

The boys and I went on a cross country trip last week on relatively short notice because we received word that my grandma had been diagnosed with cancer. Doctors estimate she has 2 - 3 months left to live. She is an amazing woman. I just wanted to be able to spend some time with her and make sure the boys saw her while she still had some energy and could be her perky self.

Some quick amazing things about my grandma:
  1. She just turned 96.
  2. Has golfed a round of 9 holes of golf every week to this day except in bad weather.
  3. She has been married over 70 years!
  4. She sent me a card on every holiday with $2 dollars in it (Halloween, valentine's day, Columbus day -- she remembered them all).
  5. She is an amazing card player and gambler -- I was going to visit her this Friday. However, when I called Friday was Casino night. She bragged that she left with only $20. The free bus picked her up at the retirement home, paid for lunch and she wagged her fat gangster knot of cash in front of me of $450when she got back. Not a bad day at the casino for a 96 year old woman.
  6. She made us our favorite meal every birthday.
  7. Makes the worlds best Easter breakfast hands down.
  8. Had season tickets to the Oregon State beavers for 30 plus years , during most of their run of almost 3 decades without a winning season (That is where I get my loyalty and sports dedication).
  9. She made amazing peanut butter sundaes
  10. The doctor asked if she could cut back to 8 glasses of coffee a day -- she said no and maintains her 10 - 12 glasses of coffee a day.
This is a song she used to sing that I think just captures her fun personality (notice the shoulder shake, expressions and smiles as she sings it to my kids and I on our last trip. If only everyone could have a grandma like Grandma McKeehan.


Heather said...

What an amazing lady! How great that you were able to spend some time with her.

Tiffany said...

Austin-- you captured Grandma's essence perfectly! if i could some how add that post to my blog, I would! Do you know if there is a way? And don't worry, I would give you all the credit for the post! :)

$450 bucks?...maybe I should start sending grandma $20's and see what she can turn them into for me! :)

Sean and Candace said...

Austin, thanks for posting that blog. I love it!!! Grandma McKeehan is an amazing person in every way.

Jessica said...

Hilarious! Go Grams!!!

Embers said...

dang that's one cool grandma! i hope i can at LEAST be able to golf at THAT age! big props to her!