Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday - things didn't go as expected

Ahh, I thought this morning as I snuggled back into my covers after getting the kids on the bus, I have at least two more hours to sleep until Paris wakes up. Then, just as I was drifting into a lovely rest, I heard my phone ring, "no big deal," I thought, I can get the message later. Then a few minutes later, the phone rang again. "Fine," I huffed as I got out of bed to check the message and see if one of the boys had cut their arm off at school.

"Hi, this is Stephanie King," the friendly voice of Will's kindergarten teacher said, "I have Will here and today is actually a teacher work day and I have to go to meetings so can you please pick him up?"

Darn it! They do a stupid staggered entry here with the kindergarteners - a few went on Monday and Tuesday and a few went on Wednesday and Thursday so I just assumed they all would go to school today. But no, they aren't going to. The bus driver didn't know the difference so she just delivered Will safely to school with the other kids.

Later, in honor of us doing errands, Will had to change out of his conservative school shorts and t-shirt into this so he could be Edward from Enchanted.
(notice the thigh-high dominatrix boots)

But as we get closer to leaving the house, Will adds a few accessories for good measure -
(why yes, that is a light saber, cape and hockey shoulder pads)

This made for good times as he clomped around the stores, if he ever got away from me, I could hear where he was. Today, there will be no playing with neo-pets for Paris and I - just another day with my creative, thoughtful boy who has since changed clothes/accessories about seven times.


Sean and Candace said...

Hi Shanda! You gotta love that kid. Love the outfit. Are those your shoes?

mamapickle said...

I can't believe you have to get up so early for elementary school! Ours doesn't start till 8:45 and bless TX for making kinder all day 5 days a week :) I would be sooo confused with staggering. I love the outfit and think it is awesome that you will take him out in his dress up!

Damian and Amy said...

Doesn't Austin know that when he "dresses up" around the kids they start imitating him? Too funny...

D-D mom (no, that's NOT my bra size) said...

that's hilarious shanda. Grant started kindergarten today, too. Fun times. You can check it out at my blog too.

Jessica said...

LOVE the visual of Will clomping around the stores with you in that get-up. :)