Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Right One for Will

This morning I ran 5 miles with my friends Alison and Michelle and I told Will about it later. He said, "Did Kennedy and London (alison's daughters) come?" "No, it was just the moms," I said. Then he told me he REALLY likes Kennedy. I said, "Why do you like her? Because she is nice, or fun, or pretty? (this particular little girl is GORGEOUS)"
"Yeah, because she is pretty," Will said. I then asked him if he likes a few other girls that he knows from church.
"Yeah, I like those girls too," he said, "but they aren't the right ones for me. Kennedy is the right one for me."
Good to know who the right one for you is when you are 5! Now he just has to convince Kennedy that he is the right one for her.

By the way, Kennedy is two years older and definitely a hottie!
Neil you are loving this post, right?


Tricia said...

Dan has already claimed Kennedy for Carter. Sorry Will! :)

Jessica said...

This reminds me of Dave's journal when he was eight. He wrote, "I love Amy Bushbauker because she is rich and beautiful."

Ariana said...

Oh man, watch out world! :)

Jenn-Lee said...

That is so funny! Your boys are so cute! I am a big fan of Will. I love the things he says to you and his costumes he wears! It just makes me want boys!! I also love how you are patient and let him dress himself! You are able to just have fun and joy in the crazy days and that is so important!!