Thursday, August 28, 2008

Half-Marathon or Bust!

I think I am finally ready officially blog about this so that if I flake out people can ridicule and mock me into actually following through. One of my friends forced me into agreeing to run a half-marathon, and by the way she is totally not even running and joining in the misery this week like I am (j/k Michelle). So I have started my training this week and it has been hard! I can't believe that by following my schedule from that I will actually in three months be able to run 13 mile at once. I think I am on track for about a 2 hour and 50 minute time - which is more than the Olympians run a regular whole marathon. Also, I am not really a runner, I don't look like a beautiful graceful gazelle when running like Jolin probably does. In fact, once in college when Austin and I were dating we met up one morning to run and he made fun of how I look when running. His imitation of me looks like a Charlie Chaplin routine or something, or one of the three stooges.

Anyway, I am committed to training and doing this half-marathon even if I walk most of it and it takes 7 hours. I won't win the race but at least I will finish and get my middle-aged, stuck in a rut, old mom booty off the couch for awhile.


mamapickle said...

Even starting the process is a huge accompishment to me. Way to go!

Tricia said...

you are awesome.

and my family always told me i look like a duck when i gazelle here jolin!

rachelle said...

YAY Shanda!! You'll do Awesome! Which one are you doing? The Charlottesville, VA in April is BEAUTIFUL! and I love the story about you and Austin...too funny!

Heather said...

Shanda, I will be one of your most loyal supporters . . . but I will only SYMPATHIZE with your pain, and certainly not EMPATHIZE. (I'll follow you in my minivan!)

Tiffany said...

how fun! i would love to have someone to do that with! Of course i still have another three weeks until I can start exercising again--but i truly can not wait. (I know i say that now...after a week of working out I am sure i will not feel the same way)

As for Austin...tell him to stuff it! Lets see him run a half marathon! I have seen you run on a tredmill before and never thought twice about the way you ran.

Jolin said...

In my dreams that is an accurate description of how I run. In real life...not so much.

It is always good to make it a goal and say it outloud. You will do great I am sure!