Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Day with Paris and Cooper

Will has been at camp all week so Cooper, Paris and I have been spending some quality time together. It's been a little tricky because Cooper is happiest if I am taking him somewhere and spending money on him or buying him every meal out. Or he could just play the Wii for 24 hours straight, so our priorities have been a little different. But today was a fun day. After we dropped Will off at camp we came home and took a nice long 1 hour walk to the produce stand at the other end of our neighborhood. Unfortunately it was still closed so we didn't get any produce. Cooper had a few things to say about that - also he thought we were going to the other produce stand by the rock store and then told me that I "lied" to him. He has been saying this to me quite a bit lately. So we had a chat about what "misunderstandings" and "sometimes plans change" are.

After our walk we went shopping at Old Navy where we found tons of great shirts for Cooper to wear for 2nd grade next month. I even talked him into this funky one that is like a mechanic shirt. I also picked up some jeans and a t-shirt for Paris. I could have bought about 700 other things for Paris but am trying to hold back because she really has a lot of clothes already, though we are nearing the end of her baby shower bounty of clothes and I will get to shop more for her! (Have I mentioned that shopping is my favorite hobby and can make me happy anytime - whether its for food, clothes, yarn, makeup, shoes, etc. - Austin loves this hobby of mine the most)

After shopping we went to the dollar theater to see Nim's Island. It was a great movie, very happy and inspirational and a great message. By the way I LOVE the dollar theater here. It is actually decent inside and I can get a large popcorn, drink and tickets for the whole family for like $12.

We enjoyed the movie but I think what Cooper and I enjoyed most was how Paris kept telling us "no-oooh" when we asked her if she wanted popcorn - of course she gobbled it up anyway. I think she may turn into a whiner because her no is pretty bratty - though funny in a way and since Cooper and I kept cracking up she'll probably keep saying it.

My favorite part of today was that Paris has started saying "mommy" to me. Not just Ma or Mam in a yelling voice, but this cute little voice saying 'mom - mee". She is going to be so spoiled! She has Austin and I wrapped around her finger and she can't even talk much yet!


Heather said...

What a fun entry! And really, points to you for a good mom day! I haven't scored many of those lately . . .

mamapickle said...

I must just comment on the fact that you could sit in a movie theatre with Paris watching and being good. My little one would last 5 minutes. She has no clue about watching t.v. or movies! Is is bad to be wanting that day to come?Someday it will happen.

Pixie Louisa Parker Leigh Raychek said...

I appreciate your comments about shopping. I have always heard people talk about 'retail therapy' and thought they were nuts. It's only been in the last few years that I've come to know for myself how wonderful it can be. I don't know what happened. It is definitely my favorite thing in the world. Interestingly, I LOVE to buy scrapbooking stuff, and don't even really use it that much. The most fun part is the buying of it. I hope Dave doesn't read this.

[To Dave: (If you are reading)]

Hi Honey! I was just kidding about all that!