Monday, July 28, 2008

Big Brick House and Shopping

Austin and I have missed our brick house in Michigan since we moved here and have been dreaming of the big brick house we will buy someday. There are a couple for sale in our neighborhood - one in particular that a friend from Austin's work is selling. She keeps telling him to that we should buy it. I like that girl! Anyway we talked a little about this - it's a great time to buy a house in that price range and an ok time to sell our house in it's price range. I started getting really excited and planning my life around this when Austin the negotiator and reality hit. "Well, if we are really serious about this we should look around rather than just buying that house in our neighborhood when we don't even know if it is the best deal."


Why must we continually triple-source (or I guess that right term is triple-bid) every freaking thing in our life?? I was getting so excited. Maybe Austy was going to let us slap up a for sale sign on our house tomorrow (just with a realtor, not with me taking a real estate class to save the real estate commission - what's $15,000 or however much it would be anyway? I just like the easy way) and then put in our offer on the house in our neighborhood. But we have to come back to the "getting serious" part. I started lamenting this to Austin, "Why can't we just take a risk, just go buy that house, even if ours isn't even for sale yet, or why can't we just move somewhere really cool like hawaii even though we don't have a job there and just hope for the best or why can't we just spend all our money on cool stuff and not worry about the dumb IRA or 401K or 705J?"

Then he just looked at me and smiled and we both started laughing. I think we are still batting this idea around a bit - but are probably in this house for awhile. It's not really a "need" to get a different house after all and is easier to just stay. So today i decided if we are staying here and not doubling our mortgage and utility cost, I should definitely start spending more money! That is like $6000 dollars of saved costs! I got a pedicure today and bought some clothes and it was a really good day!

I am wondering how Austin is going to feel about this post for several different reasons.


Sarah McBride said...

good luck on getting your brick long as you stay in ward boundaries!!

Jenn-Lee said...

You are hillarious Shanda. I just love you. It was great to see you Sunday. Lets go shopping one of these days. Love you!

Jessica said...

You are so funny I am accidently peeing my pants.

mamapickle said...

Think of it as not having to clean more house! And enjoy those shopping trips :) That is definately worth the wait