Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tagged - I think this is what I do.

I'm fairly new to blogging but just got tagged by Tricia - I think this is what I do ...


Jobs I've Had:
*Media Relations Manager
*Assistant to the Richard Paul Evans Chairship holder, Dr. David Paulsen
*Intern for a Political public relations firm in Portland, OR - when I was there I worked on the campaign NOT to legalize marijuana in Oregon - we lost

Movies I Can Watch Over & Over Again:
*Center Stage
*What A Girl Wants
*The BBC version of Pride & Prejudice
*The Sound of Music

Favorite TV Shows:
*The Biggest Loser
*Grey's Anatomy

Favorite Hobbies:
*Making hair bows
*Shopping - typical, right? But it really helps me feel happier when I am sad or stressed or just feel like it, or bored . . .
*Thinking of someday playing hockey or learning stick fighting to get out my aggression
*Pretending that I'm a rock star

Places I Have Lived:
*North Carolina

Favorite Foods:
*Milk chocolate with carmel
*Really good salads
*CAKE AND DONUTS!! I need to start "forgetting" to eat these more often

Favorite Getaways:
*The library by myself
*Dublin, Spain and Paris
*Anywhere with no kids where I can sleep for 36 hours and read and eat tons of candy without gaining weight!

Check Daily:
*Google to search for any number of things including ribbon, hair clips, jeans, shoes, hockey gear for Will, books I like, etc.

Who I'm Tagging: YOU'RE IT!!
Anyone who feels like it


Molly said...

Thanks for sharing your blog, Shanda. I linked you from ours, I hope that's OK!

Tricia said...

I also like to get away and eat candy so my children can't witness my bad example!

See, you know how to be tagged. ;)

Anonymous said...

So fun to catch up with your darling family through you blog! Thanks for sharing...