Monday, November 7, 2011


We are having new hardwood installed on our whole first level and here are some pics of the demolition. These guys are working their fannies off scraping the old wood that is glued down to the slab.


Ariana said...

GLUED to the slab! Oh my. What a pain! When we were getting our minnesota house ready to sell, my parents did all new carpet throughout. One bedroom in the basement had this rad 70s shag (bright red!) definitely had to go. It was GLUED to the concrete too! The carpet guys were there but we hadn't paid for them to do the removal.... My mom was down there with a driveway ice scraper, scraping the carpet up. I think at some point she called the missionaries, who came and did some emergency service and helped her rip the junk off. It was so not awesome. I don't miss that house.

Natalie said...

Home improvement is ALWAYS more than you expect it to be! It will be worth it when it's over though!