Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Bonanza

Cooper and I and our stash - actually the nicest picture of Cooper I have seen in awhile!
Cooper and I went on our yearly black Friday shopping sale this morning.  After looking at the ads yesterday and doing some online shopping, there wasn't really anything that I felt compelled to wake up at 4am for, but Cooper had his heart set on it, so we went. I told him that I would prefer to wake up closer to 6am than 4am but that he could choose. In the middle of the night he came down and woke me up, and guess what? It was 4am.  ( This is from Cooper, the boy that likes to have a 40 minute window to drive to MARA 2 miles down the street to make sure we get there on time.)

Our first location was Gamestop.  Cooper decided that he wanted to get a new xbox 360 so I told him he could try to trade in all the Wii stuff to see if it would be enough money. So he lugged the Wii system, the remotes, the accessories, the Wii Fit Balance board and all the games. Cooper called Gamestop before we arrived and they told him that Wiis are worth $160 and the Wii Fit is worth $30. With all the extra things he brought, he thought he would definitely have enough for the $199 price tag on the xbox 360.  When the lady at Gamestop told him that all his stuff was worth a grand total of $70, he was fighting tears as we figured out that the pre-owned Wii and Wii Fit prices are what he was given on the phone, not the trade-in values. So we took back all our Wii paraphernalia and he picked out a couple of new games and accessories for Christmas.

This was the drama of the morning, we next visited Target; Kohls; Bed, Bath and Beyond; Hancock Fabrics; World Market and Costco.  We got lots of great presents, stood in long lines and are happy to be home!


Tiffany W. said...

You're a good mom shanda! I am not sure I would have done it if my heart wasn't in it. :) Poor kid. Wish he could have gotten that Xbox 360!

Natalie said...

I LOVE that he goes BF shopping with you! What a fun tradition! And bless his little heart, that Game Stop story put a lump in my throat!! SOB.