Monday, March 8, 2010

DAY 5 -- Will Saves Max (for the second time)

Max is the name of our hamster. Max was almost snake food. That is how we found Max. Our friends were going to feed him to their snake, but we decided to keep him. Unfortunately, his 9 brothers and sisters were not as lucky.

Late last night Cooper told me, Max, our hamster was lost. He said it happened before Mom left.

"What?" "We lost him 6 days ago?" "How come nobody said anything to me?"

Cooper started to look as if he were being caught in a trap --

" I , ur, don't know - ask Mom -- just ask Mom - Just call Mom!" Apparently the the two had decided it would be better if Dad did not know that we lost the hamster. While I was annoyed, Will just found out at the same time I did. He was crushed. He sobbed himself to sleep as I told him Max was probably dead and could not live this long without food and water. Will said a sweet prayer "that Max could be ok, wherever he is "

6:00 AM -- I woke the kids up for school and Will is getting his bag and shoes when he sees something scamper across the floor from our closet into the bathroom (No we do not just have "critters" crawling all over our house, but apparently we are more red neck than I thought. A hampster can live off our crumbs for 6-8 days without being phased.).

"MAX!" WIll yells.

No one else even saw him, but Will was right. He was decidedly skinnier than we remembered him but we gave him some food and water and he gobbled it down. When we saw him do his spiderman trick where he climbs up the side of his cage, we knew he was ok :)

I had to go back to work today and tomorrow, so I we had a nanny service come today. Her name is Jessie and my kids love her. We have had her on multiple occasions thanks to this sweet new benefit we found at my work. Feels like cheating but I don't see them again until 6:00.

6:00 PM -- We had dinner together, did homework and got ready for bed. Mom comes home tomorrow. We called Mom -- The kids loved talking to her. You could just see how much they love their Mom.

Mom sounded great too. I guess 6 days in Newport Beach taking in the sunshine and beaches and good food will re-energize you. Can't wait for her to come back.


Tiffany W. said...

Yay for Max! Glad someone in the family was finally able to use that name. Didn't you want to name Paris that if she were a boy? I thought i remembered that because I had wanted to use it at one point in time too... and never did. Go figure. :)

Molly said...

Loved your log of events while Shanda was away! Hilarious and well-written. Glad you survived - sounds like you did a great job.