Sunday, March 7, 2010

DAY 4 - A Day of Rest?

A few of you have made some great points like "I applaud the efforts but, I don't hear anything about cleaning the house." or "They better tell you thanks if you take them to Chik-fil-a, Five guys and Pizza (It was frozen) every day." These are all very valid points.

Let me be clear - I am in it for survival in the short term. If all kids are alive when my wife comes home, I will call it a success. I just want to make it to the end -- to see Mom again.

There is absolutely no question, Mom is way better at this than me. And these "opportunities" always turn into "Mom appreciation weeks" but honestly, I appreciated her a ton going into this. I appreciate the work all Moms do even more. It is full on, all out, never ending, I could always be doing something more, WORK. It does have some rewarding moments, and you have to savor them.

But if it makes any of you feel better, we did clean today and we did not eat at any restaurants today :).


Today was Sunday, and it actually felt the most normal of any of the days so far. Knowing this was my biggest chance for Shanda's friends to leak information back to Shanda, I made sure the kids were bathed for church. They may have been dirty all week, but I am not dumb enough to leave them that dirty for church.

9 - 12:30 Went to Church. The kids were good during church overall. I was pleasantly surprised.

1 -5: Paris takes a nap the majority of the time. I made cookies with the boys. Cooper has some serious chef skills. At age 8 he may know more than me about cooking. He knew how to use our kitchen aid better than me. Will knew where aprons were for everyone (except me - come on, just cause I am watching the kids does not mean I am at home wearing an apron!). It was fun and tasty. We also all cleaned our own rooms, did the the dishes and cleaned the the front room. We will have to tackle the enormous mountain of clothes tomorrow. Made lunches for the next day.

5- 7 - Some friends took pity on me and invited us over for dinner. It was great, but Paris is regressing on the potty training. Unfortunately, she almost always tells me for #1 but not for #2. She is in a pull up so it is not the end of the world, but just frustrating. That's a problem I am just not going to be able to fix while Shanda is gone. I think she needs to be sent to her Nonny's for Potty Training Boot Camp. Wonder if she is reading this? What do say Ang? I know you are coming back in a week?

7:30 PM -- Kids in bed. Work tomorrow. Fairly uneventful, peaceful day.


Grimes said...

Thanks for making all dads and husbands look bad...AGAIN. We can never thank our wives enough for what they do, but your skills are definitely impressive. 4 hours by myself and I'm in survival mode. You deserve a Trailblazer victory tonight.

Natalie said...

You are doing awesome Austin! I had Paris in nursery yesterday and she pottied OK, hope the regression is just temporary!! I could tell you tried really hard with her pigtails!

Oh, and I especially love the props to Moms at the start of this post. You are a sweetheart. :)