Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My New Favorite Website

I just found the greatest blog about repurposing clothes to make adorable kid's clothes. And it's easy too! Here it is for my fellow sewing buddies . . . uh, I don't think I have any actually, but maybe this might win me some! I'm talking to you Tricia with your boxed up brand new sewing machine!


Jenn-Lee said...

I LOVE this site! Glad you found it. Have you found Centsationalgirls blog? I think of you when I see some of her projects. I think you would really love her tutorials. Anyhow. Hope all is well. I am always amazed at how handsome your boys are getting. We are due with girl #4 in jan. One day we will get a boy I guess. :)
That blog address you should check out is

Have fun Shanda!

Tricia said...

Are you talking to me?

McKeehan's said...

Yes - Tricia you! Let's get out all those old Anthropologie clothes and make Bella a new wardrobe! Actually this website has lots of great recipes too.``