Sunday, August 23, 2009

Good Example from little Paris

Today in sacrament meeting I was whispering to Austin about something while they were passing the sacrament. I knew that I shouldn't be doing that, but did anyway.

Paris looked up at me and said, "Quiet Mommy, Quiet Mommy" and then put her finger to her lips just like I probably always do to her.

It was a good reminder from the girl who a few minutes later was laying on her back and kicking the front of the podium where the bishopric was sitting.

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Ariana said...

Haha! Love it! Kids always say the greatest things in church. Like a few weeks ago when Preston kept picking at his nose (ew!) so I offered him a kleenex and he says really loud, "NO, I can pick my booger ALL BY MYSELF!!!" Greeeeeaaaatttt. There were several snickers from neighboring ward members. It was pretty funny. ;-)