Sunday, December 14, 2008

Getting the Christmas Tree!

We decided to start a family tradition of driving to the mountains to get our Christmas tree! It was a couple hours away and a lot of snacks and dvd watching later, but we found the perfect tree. We rode up to the tree farm on a tractor-pulled hay wagon with some other friendly NC folks. The trees were beautiful - we could have chosen any of them and would have loved them. We even got free cocoa and cider at the country store afterward! But no rhubarb-strawberry pie, peach cobbler or soup - they were all out of everything warm and yummy so we settled for a peppermint-chocolate chip shake from Chick-fil-a on the way home.


Jessica said...

Oh my gosh-Paris in her fur hood! TOO CUTE!!

mamapickle said...

SOunds like a fun time. and a great smelling tree. We have turned and just do artificial here in TX. The real ones die too fast here.