Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cooper's hard life

We recently started giving Cooper and Will allowance every week so that they can learn to pay their tithing and have money for the little things that they always want me to buy them or they can save up for bigger things.

So far the results are interesting, Will has already lost his allowance from his first week - not hard to do when he changes his clothes 10 times an hour and has piles of junk all over his bedroom. So I will be holding on to his allowance for him.

Cooper has been learning the value of money lately when I say that he can use his allowance to buy stuff that he asks me for, all of the sudden he doesn't want that item much anymore. The other day he wanted a Gatorade and we said, sure you can buy it with your allowance, and he asked us,"Do I have to make a living with my allowance?"

Yes, Cooper you do, time to start saving up for the mortgage.


Tracy said...

What a cute story. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm laughing out loud. I'm not sure who's funnier, you or Cooper?!