Thursday, June 5, 2008

Will's a good motivator

So today i REALLY don't feel like going to the gym - which suits Will just fine because he doesn't enjoy the childwatch much. I have been waffling all morning about whether to go or whether I could justify not going because my head is super stuffed up from allergies and my nose is a faucet. So I decided to do a couple of push-ups and sit-ups on the living room floor - I did about 6 push - ups and then said, I just don't feel like working out today! Will gave me a big smile and said, "That's my girl! Let's just stay home!" How can I argue with that? I think we'll just go shopping.


Molly said...

I LOVE Will stories. How funny is that kid?! Is it hard to ever be mad at him because he comes up with such hilarious things to win you over?

Broderick Family said...

Too cute! Did he say it in his British accent??

rachelle said...

"that's my girl" I love it!!! is our blog address. miss ya!