Monday, May 5, 2008

Paris' 1st Birthday (which was actually a week ago - April 28)

Her first candle - which her brothers "helped" her blow out.

She was not about to touch this thing - who knew where it came from? And she didn't eat a bit, just shook her head no back and forth like crazy.

All ready to party! And no, these are not my legs.

Princess for the day!

Paris' flower cakes - my first foray into fondant.

Paris with Austin but probably reaching for my mom, who she loves more than either of us.

Nonni, Emmy and Paris

We love having you in our family, Paris! We have big dreams for you to be a sweet girl who quietly folds her hands and colors in the corner for hours, a calming influence on your big brothers and someone who begs to be able to clean the bathroom for mom!


Broderick Family said...

Those cakes are so cute! Sorry we missed the party Paris.

Love ya, Shaela

Tiffany said...

Paris looks so stinkin cute in her puffy dress and tiara!!! I love it! wish is was there for it. And those cakes were bitchin' if i do say so myself. you'll have to teach me.

Heather said...

The cake looks fabulous! Yet another talent of Shanda Mckeehan!

Jolin said...

Happy birthday Paris! She looks so cute in her princess dress and tiara. I am way impressed with the cakes - you'll have to teach an enrichment class on it - JK.

Erickson Family said...

Happy birthday sweet baby. We are sorry that we are so far away from your family. We would have loved to have been there. Loves, Chris, Sarah, Sam & Amy

Bergen Blog said...

great job on the cakes. I can't believe she didn't dive into it?! What a sweetie

Jen Hales said...

Very cute cakes! It is hard to believe she's one already. Paris just keeps getting cuter and cuter!

Jenn-Lee said...

Amazing cakes!!! Teach me! Paris looks adorable as always!!! She is one pampered gal!!! She even has big brothers to fight off the boys one day!!! I never had that!
Had fun with you at the beach Shanda! It was great getting back in touch!