Thursday, May 8, 2008

Honda Pilot

Yesterday I went to get an estimate at a body shop to fix a few minor scrapes on the bumper of our fairly new Honda Pilot. These occured when an old lady and I backed into each other slowly in a parking lot. Will and Paris were in the car with me. When I told them what we were doing Will said,

"But Mommy, how will we know which Honda is ours without the scratches on the back?"

Let the mocking and scorning of my driving record and skills begin.


Tricia said...

I backed into a mailbox at Cyndi Murdock's house. That's how I know which Yukon is mine!

Molly said...

Go to my blog and click on Naval Gazing at its Finest and read today's post- Accidents Happen Part II. You'll feel better.

Broderick Family said...

Tricia - I backed into Cyndi's neighbor's mailbox too!! You cannot see it backing out of her driveway!

Molly said...

I just backed into my husband's car this morning. He had left for work and I was taking the kids to school. I didn't open the garage until I was in the car and I went barreling back- completely forgetting that he had ridden with a co-worker because they were going on a store visit. I hate doing stupid things. Arrgh!