Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Cooper's biggest goal in life right now is how to get a Wii. He has been "checking on Craig's list for a cheap Wii" - he thought he saw one for $3.15 and got really excited until he realized that it was $315. He has also thought that he could probably go to Toys R Us and buy a $600 gift card with his $10 in cash and then buy a Wii. Also just begging me daily to write him a check is one of his other ways he thinks to finagle a Wii.

I think the Wii looks AWESOME and fun for the whole family, but unfortunately it will probably never happen.

Thanks to a weirdo on Austin's floor his freshman year at BYU.

This guy was a "national video game champion" of some sort and would go around flexing his thumb muscles for all to see. It basically soured Austin on any sort of video games. So for now Cooper is stuck playing Webkinz and all the Candystand.com and other free games online he can find.


Broderick Family said...

I was a diehard on no video games, they are so annoying... BUT the Wii is awesome, Will can come over anytime and play and then make fun of me because my arm was sore for 4days from playing tennis... on the Wii. Ethan thinks that is so embarrassing!

Jen said...

Recently Jason and I played Wii for the first time at a friend's house and I have to admit it was really addicting!

arinandevasmom said...

How does one flex thumb muscles? It sounds gross, but I'm curious!

Bergen Blog said...

just wait, eventually you will crack like the rest of us and give in to the games!

Tiffany said...

No--I am pretty sure this is one thing Austin is not going to cave in on. I think you are right Shanda. Unless Cooper can come up with the money himself, he will be wii-less. I wouldn't mind getting a wii as well because i have heard such fun things about them and think it is fun stuff we could do as a family. but we are just too poor and don't have an extra $400 laying around. so we may never get one either! :)