Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cooper's Philosophy on Hygiene

We were packing for a recent trip to the beach and I asked Cooper and Will to each pack some shirts, underwear, shorts, etc.  Then Austin double-checked what they packed (in the past we made the mistake of NOT checking and found that Will had only packed a superhero costume and some boots for the whole trip).  Anyway, Will had his nice little row of five pairs of underwear but Cooper had no underwear.

Austin: "Cooper, where is your underwear for the trip?"

Cooper, "Dad, it is only five days."


Apparently we have done a great job instilling the dos and don'ts of personal hygiene in Cooper.  Hopefully when he is a stinky boy of 12 and beyond, we will have remedied this problem and introduced showering and deodorant into his routine.

Note: With some intervention we did pack more than one pair of underwear for Cooper for the whole trip.

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Natalie said...

Boys are stinky. It's OK. Once he decides he likes girls, the problem will fix itself, right? LOL So lucky you checked the packing!