Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cub Scout Campout

Austin recently took Coop and Will on the Cub Scout campout and thanks to my lovely friend Heather we have these fun pictures.

I love this one of Cooper and his buddy Tyler - they've known each other since they were little chubby 3-year-olds. I love seeing them together still.

This is what happens when mom decides not to go to the campout and Cooper decides to run in the ashes of the fire - Great idea Coop! Was it still burning?
Will is just happy to be there and by the way, notice his new glasses?

Thank you Austin for taking them!!! I really was happy to stay home snug in my own warm bed.

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Tiffany W. said...

Will is so cute in his new glasses!!! And I can't wait for Connor and well (all the boys really) to starts Scouts so they can go away on their adventures and leave me all to myself for weekends at at time!!! :D It sounds great to me! ;)