Friday, May 22, 2009

The Walk Off Hit

It was Yankees vs Rays in the AAA MARA Little League battle of the top two teams for the regular season title. I am the official scorekeeper for the Yankees and so, yes, I can tell you the trends of just about every hitter in MARA little league baseball. I would like to think I help the team win due to my mad scorekeeping and statistical analyses; However, something magical happened on Thursday night and it had nothing to do with my scorekeeping.

Since our blog followership is like 6 people and most are all Shanda's girly friends I feel compelled to explain something briefly. A Walk-off hit is a hit that wins the game so that everyone literally walks off the field after you hit it because of the time and circumstances of the game. It is one of the most dramatic and exciting things that can happen in baseball, let alone sports.

Yesterday, with the regular season championship on the line, the score was tied 2-2 in the bottom of the last inning and Cooper was up to bat. There were two runners on base and I was vomiting behind the bleachers with anxiety (Just kidding, but seriously, more nervous than if it was me). The opposing team's coach iced Cooper and used his one and only allowed time out per game after Cooper entered the batter's box.

But like most good hitters, Cooper has a routine. He put the edge of his toe right up to the plate, made his footprint, and then drew a line right behind the heel of the footprint with his bat to make sure he had proper spacing at the plate (just like I taught him). He took a few practice swings and then waited. He choked up a little bit (wanted to make sure he made contact). And then he waited some more. And did it all over again.

Finally, we were ready to play ball. And when the pitch finally came and after all the waiting, Coop was ready to hit. He smacked the ball in between short and third. But the shortstop somehow gets to it in shallow left field. But the Yankee's fastest runner was on second and he was going all the way. The speedy Zach Budzik came wheeling around third. The throw to the catcher is ........not in time. Little league Madness! Kids swarm the field. Cooper walks off first base. The game is over. Yankees Win -- Yankees win. Cooper has just hit a walk-off base hit.

Dad was feeling good he got on the earlier flight home from New York and did not miss this game. For my money, little league baseball is the greatest entertainment on earth.


Tiffany W. said...

I think it is awesome that you get so much happieness out of Coopers little league team! I am sure NO ONE appreciates it as much as you do! Way to go Cooper! That kid must have some mad skills!

so I want to know what I am considered (assuming that I am one of your 6 followers) am I one of "Shanda's girly friends"? Because i hope so! :) Or am I "just the sister"? :) Regardless, I did not know what a walk off hit was prior to this blog entry and appreciated your explanation. :)

Love you all!

Dave Fuhriman said...

Austin, I'm not one of Shanda's girly friends. That is awesome, reminiscent of Frankie Cabrera's hit off STAN BELINDA to bring Sid Bream home. Nice work, Coop!


Dave (a boy-y friend)

Jolin said...

Congratulations Dad and Cooper! That is awesome!

I agree, little league baseball is great entertainment.

Sean and Candace said...

Cooper was born to hit the "walk off hit"! He is an incredible athlete. Congratulations Coop! Can't wait to see you guys at the reunion.

Grimes said...

Go Mr. Clutch!

Skyler said...

I echo Dave's comment. But I'm her brother so maybe I just don't count.

Cool hit though. Too bad you weren't recording it.